We're supporting Emily

Henry Riley

Why I am supporting Emily: 

I am endorsing Emily for the GLA because she is a down to earth, efficient, engaging campaigner who can revitalise the party.

Her expertise on issues such as affordable housing mean that her presence is essential for myself and many other young people.

Robert Beattie

Why I am supporting Emily: 

Emily lead our campaign in St James ward, New Malden to recruit deliverers for orphan rounds. Her enthusiasm and campaigning experience enabled us to recruit 10 new deliverers.

She also turned the exercise into a fun experience for our members who helped.

Jaesung Ha

Why I am supporting Emily: 

I support Emily Davey as I believe Emily will reduce the concerns of the young generation about the housing and the rent with her in-depth experiences as a housing solicitor.

Cllr Tom Davies

Why I am supporting Emily: 

Emily will be a powerful, Liberal voice on the London Assembly.

She has extensive campaigning experience, and in-depth knowledge of the difficult issues facing London's housing.

Emily is the complete candidate and has my vote.

Ed Davey

Why I am supporting Emily: 

Besides being a wonderful wife, Emily is an amazing campaigner. We met when I was chairing the party's Housing Policy Working Group back in 2003/04 and I was so impressed by her practical knowledge of housing, dinner followed. The rest is history!

Back then, she was already standing for Parliament and so I also got to see how she led her campaign team, almost winning a seat no-one expected us to. She is ideal to help lead our fightback across London.

Roisin Miller

Why I am supporting Emily: 

I am backing Emily for two reasons

1. Her focus on housing - as one of the biggest issues facing London it's vital we have a candidate who really understands this and could hold the mayor to account

2. She is a tireless campaigner who is committed to London - I've campaigned with her in Kingston for a number of years now and always been impressed by her commitment, energy and enthusiasm